Transform your scattered data into informed decisions with powerful analytics services

A major challenge for businesses today is to present information in a format that supports decision-making. We choose and configure the best technological tools to better comprehend your vast data. Visualization of real-time data helps you implement strategic decisions.

Companies are using up more and more information to take informed decisions in order to beat their competition. Processing larger amounts of data requires profound technological solutions, and that’s exactly where IPEG can step in to the rescue. Be it a small application or a comprehensive platform-level project, our team will do their best to apply the entire Big Data processing toolset at their disposal and create a solution that will fit your specific business best.

Identify Useful Information
Our team takes a consultive approach to guide clients through a proven process to identify the information needed at the various levels, areas, and roles throughout the organization. This process also includes identifying the key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics required to support the specific function or process.

Structure Your Data for Easy Assessment
Get customized dashboards, scorecards and reports targeted to specific roles, responsibilities, and levels within the company. A role-based security model is also implemented to support and protect the security of the information delivered.

Improve Business Efficiency A new information delivery strategy will increase transparency, accountability, engagement, and collaboration
within the organization. Automating the monthly financial reporting process will accelerate the close process and improve the quality of the information delivered, thereby improving decision-making throughout the organization.

Boost Sales
Tailored analytics, metrics, and reporting will result in improved decision-making, which will lead to achieving the profit and service goals of your company.

Improved Employee Satisfaction
Reduce risk, deliver faster, and drive user adoption. Improved metric-driven decision-making through drill-down and interactive analytics while eliminating manual processes and static reports. It will also help improve service levels and connectivity with your customers and vendors.