Get access to top IT talent when it is most needed without the hassle of the hiring process.

We offer contract and direct placement of software engineers, database developers, database administrators (DBAs), cloud engineers, quality assurance engineers, project managers, and business analysts. We stick to placing only the roles we hire for internally, using our same high standards for candidate vetting to ensure we set you up with top talent every time.

A common thread from delivery to staff augmentation
Ipeg Software was built upon the successful delivery of custom software projects to our clients. A large part of that success has been our ability to attract, evaluate and hire talented engineers and project managers. Although the delivery model remains core to our company, we offer the same commitment to quality and focus on engineering through augmentation of your existing software development team.

A rigorous vetting process is the only way to be sure
Our vetting process is unmatched in the technology staffing industry. Applicants are first evaluated based on their resume, job application and relevant work history. Chosen applicants are then required to take an online assessment of personality traits such as creativity, problem solving interest, and conscientiousness while also measuring their candidness and cognitive ability. Those who pass this step are further screened by conducting interviews to evaluate communication skills, relatability, and applicable knowledge for the position. Finally, all candidates are required to complete a robust, role-based technical challenge and present their solution to our technology leadership team. Only the most impressive candidates to complete make it through this process and are submitted for review to become part of your team.

Show me what you’re made of
All candidates are required to complete a challenge to demonstrate that they can really do the work that comes with the job.

  • Software engineers complete a 4-hour challenge modeling a small custom software project
  • Database developers complete a 4-hour challenge including ETL, data modelling, performance tuning and reporting tasks.
  • Quality assurance engineers are given a set of use cases and asked to test an intentionally broken and incomplete piece of software.
  • Business analysts & project managers are required to work off a set of requirements, ask questions for further detail, provide descriptions of the solution, and break it down into epics, features, and user stories.

Backed by a superb engineering team
Companies who choose to use Ipeg Software Development Staffing also gain access to our other senior-level development team members with deep knowledge of systems and technologies utilized in your project. For example, you might have us fill a full-time, mid-level position to work on your Sitecore or Umbraco website, but you also need high-level consulting and architectural review from one of our experts in those areas. Our senior engineers can be engaged with regular code reviews, consultations that leverage highly specialized technical skills, and architectural advice in conjunction with staff augmentation services.