End-to-End Approach to Testing and QA

No piece of software can be allowed in production without proper testing. Our team applies field-proven testing methods and approaches to ensure high quality of your end-product. We will make sure that your entire project works as it should, beginning with its design through basic functionality to performance.

Multi-Perspective Testing Approaches.

Functional Testing We will find out whether the end-product functionality meets your stated business requirements, and if so, then how accurately it does that. This type of testing helps us understand what exactly the end-product does and what tasks it performs.

Unit Testing
This type of testing allows the program to be checked for correctness of its individual modules such as functions, components, etc. Unit Testing is extremely important as it allows errors to be found in the code logic at an early stage, and thereby minimizes the cost of fixing them.

Integration Testing
We will take individual modules and test how they interact with each other. For example, we can find out how your payment system works with the user database and other modules of your software.

Performance Testing
This approach allows us to determine your software behavior under high load conditions. We will check such indicators as your system throughput, latency, stability, and data loss under ever increasing loads.

Regression Testing
We will test how smoothly your software interacts with the new changes. We will also verify the already tested parts again on introducing new functionality, patches, updates, and other improvements.

UI/UX Testing
User-friendliness is an important attribute of any software. We will test your product design from the user’s perspective and assess its main aspects such as its structure, ease of navigation, usability, etc. Thus we will find out how user-friendly your product is overall.

Load Testing
We will assess your software behavior under normal and maximum load conditions. Thus you will know how many users your system can handle at a time.